Meet the Team


Susan Milne, Principal

As founder and president of Epiphany, Susan’s career includes more than 20 years in the advertising industry. She has designed and strategized for brands including Coca-Cola, Marriott, Saab, L’Oreal, Mattel and the Girl Scouts. In 2012 she used her experience with big brands and complex sales chains to found Epiphany, a brand firm that focuses on helping manufacturers get specified more often.

A native of Buffalo, New York, and Pratt Institute graduate, Susan is also the founder of the design collaborative, Modern Richmond. Her work has been recognized in national award-winning competitions and collected by the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. She recently partnered with Artomatic to engage in the Dollar Redesign Project with an entry that was based on touch and material. Outside of work, Susan lives in a silver cube house high up in the trees of a very traditional Richmond, Virginia neighborhood. She believes anything can be solved with a good yoga class. And brilliant design.


Anneliese Grant, Account Executive

When you first meet Anneliese, you get the impression that she’s just really different, in a good way. We like her sense of fashion (funky), the way she carries herself (kind, centered, self-assured) and her love for beautiful things (she gets how outstanding architecture affects the mind and soul).

Her different way of looking at the world probably came from growing up in Europe, where her dad spent much of his Army career. Living in a place where cultural diversity is celebrated gave her an open mind and the ability to work well with all kinds of personalities.

Anneliese connects with her clients in a way that is warm and reassuring. Most days, making them feel well taken care of is enough. When they need more, she can sing to them (lifelong singer), entertain them (banjo and ukulele player), dazzle them with her travels (random fact: she’s seen nearly every castle in Germany) and psychoanalyze them (psych major).

See what we mean? Good/different. 


Brian Bjorkman, Graphic Designer/Art Director

Since he’s the son of an interior designer and the grandson on an architect, you could say Brian’s been preparing for this job since birth. And his skills show it. This thoughtful young talent brings a rare sense of wisdom to the table in all he does. 

Plus, he rides motorcycles. 

Brian came to us after working as the lead designer and creative director of Burnt Creative, a very cool shop that folded after its owner took a job in LA. Before that, he was hands-on in the world of makers, as a woodworker and graphic designer for the wood reclamation company Wellborn & Wright. 

A product of the rigorous VCU art foundation program, Brian earned a BFA in graphic design. A month-long immersion in Tokyo, cross-country road trip, 25 tattoos and counting plus 15 years of skateboarding have all been influences on his art. Among his many accomplishments: his typeface Connectatype was published in a German yearly magazine called Sushi 13. They also asked him to design the back cover. Check it out.


Austin Berry, Graphic Design Intern

Austin may be a full time graphic design student at Longwood University, but he has more experience than many people who’ve been in the business for years. He’s a perfectionist with a passion for creative thinking and a sharp wit.

When he’s not busy designing at Epiphany, he’s the Senior Art Director of Design Lab, Longwood’s student-run design agency, creating everything from logos to bus wraps. He’s also helped kids ages 6-16 as an art teacher in after school and summer programs.

When Austin’s not at work designing, he spends his free time designing, because that’s how much he loves what he does. He’s certainly a busy guy, but rest assured, he will always make time for a cup of coffee and a sarcastic remark.

As for awards, Austin once won a bike in a competitive chocolate milk drinking contest. We expect a lot of design awards to share a mantle with that trophy soon.


Courtney Robinson, Account Executive

Courtney brings a tremendous amount of energy to Epiphany and our clients – partially because of her intense appreciation of architecture and design, and partially because of her love for Sugar-Free Red Bull. 

Her engaging style, passion for people and drive for excellence make her well-suited for her role as an account executive. Those that know Courtney will say, without hesitation, that she is incredibly fun and relentlessly focused. It’s this perfect juxtaposition that elicits deep curiosity and generates the creativity that we love here at Epiphany.  

Courtney comes to us from Sewanee: The University of the South, bringing with her a style all her own. Having traveled to places like Barcelona, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Florence, Vienna and Münich, she’s truly world class. Her rich travel experiences introduced her to diverse cultures and a broad range of architecture that sparked her interest in design. Courtney’s appreciation for all things beautiful, including how space and design come together to create unique experiences, fuels her work.  

When she’s not helping clients or making the office a more lively place, she’s relaxing with a glass of wine and her sweet puppy, Maizey – you can’t work as hard as Courtney does without taking a breather.



You can find us on the 2nd floor of the Corrugated Box Building in Richmond, Virginia. The open floor plan boasts a collective of award-winning design services—advertising, architecture, interior design and graphic design—in a setting of shared resources and shared ideas. Some of our neighbors include 3north, circle S studio, Tumblr, Inaray, Prologue, Maxx Potential, and Best Response Strategies.

Stop by. Say hello.


Corrugated Box

[A]   201 W. 7th St. / Richmond, VA 23224         

[T]   804.377.0106

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